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Our Services

We are a group of professionals who offer accounting and bookkeeping services to our clientele across the UK. We offer standard as well as tailored accounting and bookkeeping solutions based on the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring them the best results with our services.
Setting Up Xero/Quickbooks

Fill out our checklist to complete the Setup of your Cloud Software in a day. We provide step by step guidance.

Day To Day Bookkeeping

We will ensure that your books are upto date on the daily/weekly basis so you can stay on top of the Financial position.

Monthly Management Reports

We provide customized reports based upon client requirement. (Sales Perfomance, KPI’s, Overheads reporting, etc)

VAT Returns

We deal with VAT very closely for our clients to ensure that VAT claim is correctly calculated and Submitted Timely.

CIS Returns

Construction Companies enjoy error free and timely submission of CIS returns to HMRC through our services.

Payable Accounting

We track your accounts on a very regular note and also help your business run smoother.

Payroll Setup And Processing

Our procedure will take complete care of your Employee Setup, RTI Filings, Pensions , PAYG Liabilities, P45, P60.

Year End Finalization

We shall provide you complete Financials which can easily be used in preparation and completing Corporate Tax Return.

Bookkeeping For Amazon Sellers

  • Bookkeeping for Amazon Seller,  Amazon marketplace is an e-commerce platform that is owned and operated by Amazon It enables third-party sellers to sell either new or used products on a fixed price online marketplace. Furthermore, depending upon the usage, the billing reports are created. The AWS Cost and Usage report gives an in-depth information about the use of AWS resources and the projected cost for the specific usage.
  • There are various applications that help in managing various business transactions that occur through Amazon. One of the state-of-the-art technologies can be managed by the automated accounting by A2x which gives a detailed insight for the sales, fees, cost of goods sold and FBA inventory.
  • A major concern that many sellers often face is the taxation as many of the sellers are unfamiliar with the various terms such as sales tax, VAT, nexus, etc. For a clear picture, there are two main types of taxes – 1) Income tax and 2) Sales tax also known as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Good and Services Tax (GST) in some countries.

A2X Software For Amazon Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping for Amazon Seller -The A2x software makes accounting work easier by automatically fetching the latest Amazon settlement transactions and then posts the summarized transactions to your accounting system.

  • Hence, giving an inclusive insight for every penny of the Amazon settlements.

  • Additionally, it also helps you save time in expanding your Amazon business as the software takes complete control of the accounting management.

  • The vital thing about software is its accuracy. Therefore, over 1000 Amazon sellers consider it a leading and trustworthy software.

Case Study

You can prepare detailed reports for Amazon business through COGS per unit, live inventory report and profitability report.
  • The accounting for COGS allows you to administer your inventory by treating your product inventory as an asset until you sell the product. It also includes the procurement costs, production costs, taxes and duties, listing fees and inventory storage fees and costs.

  • The live inventory and comprehensive profitability report enable you to plan and adapt to the marketplace in a smarter and faster way. It gives an edge of advantage and helps make complex automation get easier.

This whole process may seem complicated. But with the use of the right software, the complete process can be in a proper system. Some of the best tools that can be used for the process are the A2x for account integration and Xero or Quickbooks for accounting. These are some of the best tools to make your financial accounting seamless and profitable.

Bookkipping For Accountant
We provide end to end bookkiping solutions for CPA’s and bookkeepers in the UK.
Check out our Bookkeeping for Accountants Services

hy Are We The 1st Choice Of U.K. Businesses

Reduce 50% in Current Costs

You will see a Cost reduction of at least 40-50% as compared to local Bookkeeper or Accountant.

Self Hosted PMS

Our standardized processes and decent Project Management system helps to communicate with you clearly and efficiently.

Faster Turnaround

We generally reply to every emails same day or within maximum 24 hours.

Starting from

UK £8

Per Hour Bookkeeping Service

Detailed & Regular Work Updates

We send emails that carry all the necessary information you need to carry out business operations.

Monthly Meetings with CPA

We conduct monthly meetings with CPA’s for effective communication and understanding client needs.

Meeting Deadlines

We finish all our work prior to deadlines to prevent any kind of chaos during finalization. .

Detailed Checklists

We prepare a well-defined checklist of all the requirements for you so that you don’t have any confusion.

High Quality of Work

Our Standardized Procedures and Checklists will ensure error free work. .

Real-Time Bookkeeping Services To The U.K.

Is your company or your staff investing a great deal of time doing bookkeeping? We at ‘Meru Accounting’ enable UK-based companies of all sizes to concentrate on doing what they would do the best. Our office dealing with virtual accounts offers a total outsourced support for bookkeeping services. It is much the same as having your own particular accounts at your next desk. ‘Meru Accounting’ would manage all the daily bookkeeping and pretty much anything you intend to assign.

Our bookkeeping help could offer practical solutions and value for your money. We furnish bookkeeping solutions in accordance with our customer’s needs, including bank reconciliations and data entry. No task given to ‘Meru Accounting’ would be very mundane; All bookkeeping services would be a high standard and would be effectively completed.

Outsourcing your everyday bookkeeping responsibilities to ‘Meru Accounting’ could enable you to reduce the processes of review and salaries. In addition, you could likewise see an expansion in your profits by almost fifty percent. While you focus on taking care of your important functions of business, you can finish your bookkeeping Services at a small amount of the cost which you are spending on your bookkeeping activities.

Cloud AddOns Expertise

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts and invoices – into Xero data!


With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

Spotlight Reporting

Attractive performance reports quickly and efficiently. Ideal for organizations that need deeper insight and analysis.


Gusto offers fully integrated online payroll services that includes HR, benefits, and everything else you need for your business.


AutoEntry captures, analyses and posts invoices, receipts and statements into your accounting solution.


Connect Shopify and Xero to effectively manage your online sales, inventory and accounting requirements.

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