What is outsourcing payroll services for the UK?

Meru Accounting Payroll outsourcing and processing service

We provide complete handling of payroll processing and payroll taxes for all businesses across various industries.

We will handle all your payroll compliances so, you don’t need to take the stress.

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing means when hire a payroll Specialist Company like Meru accounting to manage the payroll of your business. We will ensure timely payment to your employees and other payroll processing function. You will have seamless payroll processing freeing your HR, finance, and administration team from this time-consuming work. All compliance-related to payroll regulation including GDPR and payroll taxes is handled by outsourcing service providers.

Why go for outsourced payroll services?

Payroll processing is a complex and time-consuming process but a crucial business function related to employee management and satisfaction. Availing outsourced services will get you a highly experienced payroll professional knowing current legislation and will perform payroll processing accordingly. Outsourcing ensures you are compliant and employee pay is processed accurately on time. At Meru accounting, we also have an HR and legal expert team for UK-based businesses to assist further.

Outsource your payroll

Our UK outsource payroll experts team combine experience, expertise, and technology to deliver the best international payroll services.

Benefits of payroll outsourcing

Saves your time and cost: Outsourcing helps in saving time and cost, especially for start-ups and small businesses where everything is managed by a single individual or handful of individuals ranging from bookkeeping to payroll. Even it works well for medium-sized businesses because outsourcing streamlines the process without carrying the baggage of additional administrative costs. The cost of outsourcing is lower as compared to the internal payroll team cost. With outsourcing, you have flexibility and scalability as to when to add or remove employees.

Compliances: Professional payroll experts ensure your records are accurate and are per HMRC. It reduces the chances of mistakes in calculating the payroll for employees. Outsourcing provides a sign of relief as your payroll is handled by qualified and experienced professionals well equipped with the latest technology.

Use of the latest technology: Along with basic payroll tools, an outsourcing company uses advanced payroll software to sync with your HR software. It provides a platform and organizes your payroll data in one place. It makes the whole payroll transparent and flexible while retaining control over records. Outsourcing company provides cloud payroll services that are secured and store sensitive employee and business data on encrypted servers.

Employee satisfaction: Inaccurate paychecks can cost you your employees. Making a payment to the employee for their time and effort is a huge responsibility and should be carefully handled. Accurate payroll handling is very much important for a healthy employee-employer relationship. Outsourcing means accurate calculation of employee pay, timely payments correct deductions done, and bonuses. It also manages the sick leave and pays to leave calculation.

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