Know the benefits of Outsourcing your payroll Service.

Business consultants have always favored outsourcing as a perfect way to handle non-core business activities such as payroll processing.

While some business prefers to manage payroll internally either manual bookkeeping or using payroll software. Some business opt for payroll outsourcing companies to manage their payroll by professional experts like us.

Business owners often give more value to time and peace of mind by outsourcing payroll management services. By hiring full-service payroll providers like Meru Accounting, they get relief from most of their payroll responsibilities such as wage calculations, payroll taxes, and deposits, time attendance sheets, reporting, etc., and other compliance required by HRMC.

Know the benefits of outsourcing your payroll services to us.

Saves your time:

Handling payroll is not as easy as it seems. Payroll processing includes management of intricate and every minute details of existing employees, new hires, benefits, tax withholdings deductions, etc. Additionally any change in the HMRC rules and regulations makes payroll more complicated.

Thus, managing payroll is quite daunting task so many companies end up losing crucial work hours to payroll management. Outsourcing payroll management services to a professional service provider unburdens your time. It frees up the time of the HR department that can better used to focus on strategic business functions.

Reduced Cost:

Outsourcing helps to save 60-70% of the cost incurred while managing in-house payroll processing. Particularly it is helpful for small or medium-sized businesses with limited resources and workforce. In-house payroll processing costs include employee’s wages (full-time and part-time), software costs, training costs, etc. sounds way more expensive than you thought. And if you miss deadlines and attract penalties, the costs just goes up.

Thus, outsourcing to reliable and professional payroll experts is the perfect solution. Meru Accounting offers services at hourly rates, customized to the requirements of your business.

Professional team of experts:

One of the best things about outsourcing is access to a professional team of experts having years of experience and updated knowledge about government regulation. Professional payroll experts use the latest technology and tools to serve their clients. They take care of the benefits and deductions in the payroll management.

Meru Accounting is one of the leading payroll providers for the UK business. Our dedicated team of payroll experts provides comprehensive payroll processing services while taking care of HMRC compliances.

Enhance Security:

Payroll processing is a complex process that requires a lot of monitoring due to the inherent risks involved. It involves a lot of data covering personal and professional information about your employees and employers. In absence of an appropriate measure of security, any breaching of data or tampering with company information and extraction of the fund can land the firm into heavy losses. Payroll Providers place adequate data storage and protection measures, multiple server locations, and back facility to prevent any potential fraud. They heavily invest in data encryption and protection technology to ensure data safety and security. And such kind of investments is not possible in the case of in-house payroll processing for small businesses.

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