In-House vs. Outsource: What’s the Best Accounting Strategy?

Accounting is a critical function for any business. Accurate books of accounts and financial reports are necessary for decision-making. As the business expands, the financial requirement and assistance also increase and demand more attention. Thus, business owners face a tough time in deciding whether they should opt for in-house or outsource their accounting tasks. Most businesses sought to outsource a smart choice for financial management without digging a big hole in their pockets.

Outsourcing accounting services to reliable and professional services help business to enjoy various benefits over hiring an in-house accountant.

Many businesses struggle to choose between in-house staff or outsourcing. Therefore, here are some pros and cons of both, that could help to choose your best accounting strategy.

Cost Factor:

Cost is an important consideration while making any business decision. Hiring an in-house accounting staff requires substantial funds and adherence to compliances as well.

Outside accounting service providers in the UK would charge you around $ 20 – $50 per hour. And if you for experienced accountants would charge even more. On average a business usually spend $ 100- $150 per month for minimal accounting task.

A full-time accountant would cost you more in terms of pay and additional benefits including health insurance, paid sick leaves, pension, perks, etc. And it is even more challenging to find a skilled and reliable accountant.

While on the other hand, outsourcing accounting is more cost-effective. Some Outsourcing accounting service provider charges hourly rates while others offer flat or monthly billing system. It gets even more affordable when you outsource an India accounting service provider like Meru Accounting.


The advantage of an in-house team of accountants and bookkeepers various advantage; one is you can contact them anytime in person you want and also in case of emergency. However, your team may not have much experience and knowledge that outsourcing experts have.

Outsourcing services provide access to a team of experts, skills, experience, an eye for detail, latest technology.


In the digitally moving world, businesses have become more flexible and agile and so, have accounting requirements and practices. A business owner needs to monitor each business function to ensure everything is under check. As a business expands, it may require the accountant to take up additional roles and functions. Outsourcing services provide flexibility in terms of services, you can scale up according to your business necessities. You can select from their diversified range of services and pay only for what you need.

Risk Minimization:

Accounting practices are complex business functions. It is concerned with data handling and requires exceptional attention to every detail. There are various accounting rules and practices one needs to care about. Any delay or misrepresentation of accounting information can land you in legal trouble and penalties. Accurate books and efficient financial reporting are crucial for planning and formulating strategy. Working with an outsourcing service provider are professional qualified experts who keep themselves updated with legal requirements and reduces business risks. They take care of all the compliances.

Outsourcing is a win-win situation for handling the accounting tasks of the company.

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