How to get a UTR number


A UTR is a 10 digit number which is totally unique to every UK taxpayer. A UTR (the only taxpayer reference) whether you are registering for self-employment, a person or part of a corporation, the UTR number is required for the on-line or postal filing of a self-assessment tax return.

For completed self-assessment tax returns – but there are other reasons as well, the main reason why you need a UTR number.

Tax refund registration UTR numbers are required for CIS (building-industry scheme).

You are also crucial when you deal with accountants or other financial consultants.

Your self-evaluation tax return will not be properly submitted without a valid UTR number, which might result in a possible fine.

Moreover, it may be problematic if you are self-employed and have told HMRC – and so have not been given a UTR number. If HMRC is aware of this, you could risk heavy fines and punishment.


When you register for a Self-Evaluation tax return, the HMRC gives you a UTR number.

You can see your UTR mentioned in several papers of the HMRC if you have registered already, including:

Your SA250 or letter of “welcome to self-evaluation” Previous tax returns

Payment recalls

Your notice of returning tax

Your account declaration

It can also be found on your personal account on the HMRC website.


An online application and self employee registration is one of the fastest ways to obtain a UTR number. You may do this on the website of HMRC. You will be immediately granted a UTR number if you are registered for self assessment or established a limited business.

To enquire about your UTR number, you may also phone the HMRC on 0300 200 3310. You may request certain information (including personal details and your National Insurance number). You may finally be directed to apply for your UTR online number.

You can also enter a letter to HMRC requesting that a UTR number be sent to you. While this was formerly the favored alternative, instead, individuals started to go online ways.

Writing a letter may involve much (and significant postal charges) back or forth as you exchange HMRC information, and it can often take several weeks to do so. If you have to submit your taxes quickly, then it may not be possible to apply by mail.

What is a national insurance number?

Throughout your lives, your national insurance (NI) number is unique, but it is not a kind of identification. It consists of two letters, six digits and a last letter. Anyone wishing to work in the UK must be insured at national level. You must be 16 or over in Great Britain or Northern Ireland to get a national insurance number.

Unique numbers (or UTRs) are 10 digit codes that identify yourself or your company in a unique way. Whenever they deal with your tax, they are utilized by HMRC.

Issued a UTR

When you initially register for self-assessment tax returns on HMRC or start up a limited business, you will immediately be enrolled for a UTR number.

After self-employment, you should notify HMRC online as soon as feasible. Alternatively, the form can be completed, printed and submitted to HMRC.

In the first three months of the start of a firm, HMRC expects you to register for a UTR number.

What is a UTR number for Construction Industry?

You will need a UTR number for your firm if you establish a limited corporation. This allows HMRC to determine which businesses owe tax.

Like a personal UTR, the UTR Company has 10 numbers and is issued when your limited company is registered.

Keep this number since it is necessary for a variety of future tax purposes, including corporate taxes, tax returns and corporate taxes.

What if I get the most of my uterus? What does it have?

If your UTR number has been lost, don’t panic. Check all of the aforementioned papers to see whether you locate them there. You should contact HMRC immediately by telephone if you can still not view it.

UTR numbers are unique to every person; therefore you need to be careful. Losing a UTR number might be risky since identity theft can end in a worse scenario.

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