05 Things Doctors & Physicians Should Look for in an Accounting Firm

Are you looking for an accounting firm that provides bookkeeping for doctors as well as bookkeeping for physicians? 

The accounting requirements of the healthcare industry are specific and unique compared to other industries. They need specialized financial services to comply with accounting requirements.

Bookkeeping for physicians and medical professionals

Following are the five things that doctors and physicians should look in an accounting firm:

1. Experience and expertise:

For physicians owning healthcare businesses, a healthcare CPA can help to stay compliant with healthcare laws. They possess expertise in projecting profit and loss for the business. Here the bookkeeping tips for physicians is to see whether their CPA possesses the necessary skill and expertise or not.

2. Comprehensive financial services:

Healthcare accountant helps in fillings of tax, tax planning, billing review, and more. They also assist in practice valuation for those physicians interested in commercializing their practices. A healthcare CPA helps to claim the logical and claimable deduction and keeps out of the HMRC’s crosshair. For auditing also, they can extend many services.

3. Accurate financial records:

An outsourced bookkeeping service like ours can streamline healthcare practices in many ways. They are pro at documenting and tracking all the financial data that your CPA may require at tax time. They provide customized reports according to your requirements for board meetings. Thus, with us, you have accurate and updated financial records.

4. Ensure Compliances:

The medical industry faces unique challenges in bookkeeping- complex payroll, contractual payments, GST-free service, and accurate and detailed books. Many medical practices at low margins, which makes it more important to avoid any mistakes while managing accounts and finances.

5. Right bookkeeping practices:

The right bookkeeping practice helps to improve cash flows; increases profit and efficiency and ensures compliance with tax and statutory requirements.

Bookkeeping tips for physicians and healthcare practices

Check out these professional bookkeeping tips for physicians to improve cash flow and seamless medical practices.

Healthcare practices face complicated billing processes. They must have prompt billing for each procedure with proper CPT code to avoid delay or undercharging for services.

  1. They should regularly run the AR aging report to improve the cash flows of the business. It helps to track the accounts which are more than 90 days due for payment.
  2. When have professionals taking care of your books, you can retain your complete focus on your patients.

What benefit of hiring a outsource bookkeeper for doctors and healthcare professionals is required?

The best among all the bookkeeping tips for doctors and medical professionals is outsourcing healthcare accounting to a professional bookkeeper. But why? Here are some reasons that will make absolute sense to you:

  1. Specialist bookkeeping for doctors ensures accurate business accounts. There is less or no scope for errors and omissions and costly revisions. Efficient bookkeeping and account management are also useful at tax time.
  2. We help to implement a simple and user-friendly system to manage timesheets, allowances, and leave. We help to take care of complex payroll and contract management.
  3. With professional experts like Meru Accounting on board, you can shift your focus completely on patients. It helps to increase your productivity.
  4. Professional bookkeeper experts place best bookkeeping practices that help you to stay on top of your finances and compliances. Our dedicated team of CPAs, CAs, and accountant is the cost-effective expert that provides quality service at affordable rates. We have an hourly rate system that takes care of your budget constraint as well.

Our specialized medical bookkeeping services will look after your financial health so you can focus on the health of your patients.

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