Bookkeeping is the fundamental and routine business practices. It is the starting point of recording every business transaction in an organized manner. All the financial accounting records are based on the information provided by the bookkeeper. So, failure to maintain proper books of accounts can cause damages to your company and its reputation. And also when you file an incorrect tax return due to inaccurate estimation of income, you may end up to penalties by HMRC.

Bookkeeping with doubt is essential for any business but is time consuming and tiresome. Small businesses spend most of their valuable time on bookkeeping which can be better used for business planning and development. Besides spending most of the admin time, it also costs other administrative and maintenance expense.

If you want professional bookkeeping service in London, then Meru accounting is an ideal choice for companies looking for best Bookkeepers in London. Our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping service will save both time and money.

What does a bookkeeping service include?

Bookkeeping is a continuous process that puts a strain on the small companies thriving to grow. Our bookkeeping experts not only get books in order but also ensures following a uniform method of recording. Hence your records always are compliant and accessible.

Following is the list of bookkeeping activities:

We also will look out for every possible deduction and help to reduce tax liability. Our dedicated team has been providing bookkeeping services in London for years and are thorough of all the rules and regulations.

We provide an online bookkeeping service that enables you to get any time remote access to your business information.

How much does Meru accounting cost to its client?

We charge on an hourly basis of bookkeeping. It cost you £8 per hour of bookkeeping service, quite affordable.

As Virtual bookkeeping, we thrive to provide real-time bookkeeping services reducing the process of review and salaries on account of in-house bookkeeping team.

Why work with Meru accounting?

We look beyond your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. Our team consists of CPAs, CA and accountants with exceptional skills and expertise. They provide financial advice and planning specific to your industry from time to time. They use best accounting software such as XERO, QuickBooks and MYOB etc. to streamline the entire process of bookkeeping.

We ensure the best solution according to your firm’s need and benefit. Our experts are always available to you via email, phone call and skype chat.

Focus more on crucial matters of your business and leave bookkeeping to Meru accounting experts.

Advantages of Outsourcing Bookkeeping to us:

Not Just a Bookkeeper we act as facilitators of accounting records, Get Free Quote.

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