Best Xero Add-Ons For Your Business [2023 Guide].

Xero is one of the best cloud accounting software solutions, especially for small businesses. It is cloud-based software that works well both for professional accountants and beginners without financial training.

And what makes Xero so popular is its easy integration with 700+ apps, making it even more powerful. The add-ons for Xero in its marketplace help the business and its advisor streamline the processes.

Xero add-ons cater to any business, from cash flow forecasting to payroll processing.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best Xero add ons among the various lists available on the marketplace.

1. Huddoc:

It is one of the most popular add-ons for Xero. It helps automate most of the manual data entry. It automates the import of all the financial documents and enables you to export them into data so you can use them.

With Huddoc, you can extract key financial information from any invoice or receipt. It stores all the historical financial documents in a secure place.

2. Receipt Bank:

This Xero add-on has revolutionized the accounting and bookkeeping processes. It helps with easy management and tracking of expenses.

It stores everything in one place for accurate and reliable receipt management. It provides quick access to the receipt instead of finding the location of your receipt.


It helps accounting firms automate the bookkeeping tasks related to accounts receivables and accounts payable process.

It automates the payment process and approval workflows. It streamlines bill payments through electronic payments.

It features built-in reminders with a customized approval process. It helps to send invoices, accept payments online, and manage customer relations.

You can also access online invoices, notes, and documents for collaborations.

4. GoCardless:

This Xero add-on streamlines the payment for the business. It automatically transfers the payments to Xero, enabling businesses to view all the payments collected.

It directly transfers the payments to the Xero account, thus reducing manual data entry. It also automates recurring payments, whether fixed or variable, reducing the stress of payment uncertainty for the customers.

5. Vend- Point of Sales:

It is one of the best Xero add-ons for point-of-sale on PC, Mac, and iPad. It caters to inventory-based retail businesses.

It helps to stay on top of inventory management, customer engagement tools, and reporting. It easily integrates into Xero and reduces manual handling of administrative tasks related to payments.

It helps you grow your business and keeps you on top of your sales. It enhances the Xero reports by providing visibility on how your business is doing, what the real-time profit and loss are, etc.

It enables you to focus more on customers and less on boring spreadsheets.

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